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Picture this scenario; you’re talking to your siblings and arranging what you’ll buy your parents for Christmas this year. One of them spots something on Amazon, and you agree it would make an excellent gift. So, your sibling orders the gift and tells you to just send them half the money.

No doubt this is a scenario many of you have been in countless times before. It may not be this exact one, but you’ve been in a position where someone has asked you to send money. Ideally, you want to give them their money as quickly as possible, before they get annoyed at you. In the past, you may have had to call up your bank and wire money directly into their account. Or, you’d go to a cashpoint, withdraw the money, and hand it to them when you see them. Neither of these methods is particularly fast or easy.

As luck would have it, you don’t need to concern yourself with these methods anymore. Now, you can send money online instantly, and pay off all your little debts to friends and family. Naturally, sending money online throws up a lot of questions and queries. This article will aim to answer any questions and help educate you on the whole concept.

How Do You Send Money Online Instantly?

Sending money online is not a new concept, it’s something that’s been available for many years. It is, however, becoming more mainstream and streamlined, to the point where you can send money to someone, and they will receive it right away.

Of course, the first question this spawns is how do you do this? Firstly, there are many different services you can use to send money online instantly. However, they all follow the same – or similar – protocol.

Find a money transfer service online and create an account with them. From here, you can add payment methods – such as your credit card or bank account. Next, you choose an option to send money, choose how much you wish to send, and select the recipient. In most cases, choosing the recipient is as easy as just putting in their email address, though they need to have an account with the same service.

You click ‘send, ’ and the money is transferred to them instantly.

What Are The Best Ways To Send Money Online Instantly?

Naturally, the next question will be what are your best options when sending money online? As mentioned previously, there are multiple services out there you can choose from. We’ve listed the three best services you can use, based on various features:


PayPal is by far and away the most used payment service in the world. As well as paying for things online, you can also use your PayPal account to send money to other PayPal accounts. The great thing is, money is transferred instantly, and there are no fees if you register your bank account details with PayPal, as opposed to your credit/debit card. Almost everyone you know will have a PayPal account, which is what makes this a good method as you don’t have to worry about them not having an account.

Google Wallet

If you want the fastest money transfer service, then Google Wallet is the place for you. It’s interlinked with all other Google Accounts, meaning most people will already have access to it. Again, you can send money in just a few moments and see the funds in the recipient’s Google Wallet account instantly.


Neteller is another service that allows you to send money at the click of a button once you’ve created an account. What makes them different is you can send money to anyone, regardless of if they have a Neteller account or not. You simply choose how much to send, and enter their email. The money leaves your account instantly, and the receiver gets an email from Neteller inviting them to create an account and get their money.

Key Things To Watch Out For

There are two key things you need to watch out for when sending money online instantly. The first applies to all methods of sending money, instantly or not; a secure connection. If your browser doesn’t tell you that the connection is secure, don’t send any money or input any bank info.

Secondly, look out for fees and charges. Always check if it costs money to send money online. Normally, if you use your bank account to fund the transfer, it should be free.

Sending money online has made life far more convenient for everyone, and it’s now even better thanks to instant transfers. Hopefully, this article has informed of everything you need to know.

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