How To Send Money Online Anonymously

Sending money anonymously online is more straightforward than most people think. Indeed, you can do it with the click of a button in most instances, but you still need to identify the best platforms and tools. Below, readers will find a list of suggestions that contains some of the most widely-used methods for transferring cash under the radar. There are thousands of reasons why you might want to do that, but that’s none of our business. Just make sure you don’t overlook the information below because it should help you to avoid stumbling blocks or getting caught out by less than reputable services.

First, some preparations

If you want to send money online without leaving a trail, you’ll need to make some preparations first in most instances. The most important thing you need to do is create an email address that people can’t trace back to you. You should do that by using a VPN to access a popular service like Gmail or Hotmail to ensure the system does not document your real IP address. You then need to use a random address, name, and details to guarantee even the most dedicated online professionals couldn’t trace the account back to you. Once you have that email address, the rest of the process becomes straightforward.

Idea 1: Consider a service like Moneygram

Many online services can act as the middle-man when it comes to transferring money anonymously. Brands like Moneygram are excellent for that, and so you should take a look at their website as soon as possible. The people working for that company will act as agents or go-betweens who facilitate the transaction, and then contact the recipient to let them know how to collect their money. Placing an individual or company between yourself and the recipient is always a wise move. The process works as follows:

  • You find a forwarding agent in the recipient’s area (Moneygram)
  • You enter payment details and transfer the money to the agent
  • You then complete a form that the person will receive notifying them about the transfer

At the end of that process, the recipient will make contact with the agency and take control of the funds. While that’s not a foolproof method, it should make the transaction mostly anonymous if you remember never to use your real name or contact details.

Idea 2: Use PayPal’s Business Account facility

While PayPal offers many different accounts to their customers, two of them stand out from the crowd. Experts claim that business and premier accounts are perfect for people who want to transfer money anonymously online. That is because it’s often possible to use fake or fictitious personal details to register the account and begin using the service. All you have to do is add your recipient’s email address to your list of approved contacts, and you can then start sending money quickly. Just bear in mind that PayPal works hard to close fake accounts, and so there is a decent chance you only have a limited time to make use of that concept.

Idea 3: Use cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies are the best way to pay for goods and services online without letting anyone know your identity. However, lots of people use those currencies to transfer money these days too. It’s just vital that you remember that you need to take the right approach if you want to make sure it’s impossible for people to trace the cash. Here are some tips that will help:

  • Open a cryptocurrency wallet and deposit funds to buy Bitcoin or another currency
  • Ask your recipient also to open a digital wallet
  • Once you have some Bitcoins, find a washing or laundry specialist (there are plenty of sites online that offer that service)
  • Wash your currency, so it is 100% untraceable
  • Ask your recipient for their wallet address
  • Send the funds
  • Delete both cryptocurrency wallets

The three suggestions on this page should be more than enough for most people to send and receive money online without ever leaving a trace. Now you don’t have to worry about privacy issues; you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your funds will reach their destination away from prying eyes. As mentioned briefly a moment ago, you should always use a VPN when accessing any money transfer websites if you want the best level of protection. So, now you just need to conduct some research and work out which are the best tools available. In most instances, you won’t have to spend a fortune.

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