Top 5 Hidden Items on the Secret Subway Menu

Are you driving around in your car wondering where to eat for the fourth time this week?

Tired of the same old hamburger and french fries?

Do you see the green Subway sign glowing in the distance but think to yourself how bored you are of their same old menu?

If so, fear not!

This guide is here to help “freshen” up the traditional Subway menu and unlock the wonders of the secret Subway menu.

Why Choose Subway?

At this point, you may be asking yourself, what’s so great about Subway? Why shouldn’t I just pop into Mcdonalds or Wendy’s or Taco Bell? Below are just a few of the reasons that Subway surpasses other fast food options:

  • Subway is committed to your health! Subway is the first fast food restaurant to earn the American Heart Association heart-check for heart-healthy meals.
  • Subway has numerous locations that are open 24 hours! No matter what time of day you’re craving a sub, Subway’s got your back.
  • Subway has a full breakfast menu available for early-birds.
  • Olympians endorse Subway! Michael Phelps, Apolo Anton Ohno, and Nastia Liukin have all spoken out about their affinity for Subway. If these athletes can fuel their workouts with Subway sandwiches then so can you.
  • While the iconic 5-dollar footlong deal may be over, Subway still offers promotions regularly to keep their food affordable.
  • Subway offers vegetarian and vegan options for those of you with dietary restrictions. Many fast food chains don’t cater to vegetarians and vegans, but Subway is happy to oblige. Try their veggie delight sub full of fresh veggies.

If these reasons aren’t enough for you and you’re still wary of giving Subway another shot, just wait until you hear about the secret subway menu.

Read on as we unveil the top 5 menu items on Subway’s secret menu.

1. Chicken Parmesan Sub

In 2010, Subway committed a true American hate crime by removing the chicken parmesan sub from the menu. But don’t worry, you can still order the sub and most Subway employees will make it for you.

This sub features pieces of juicy chicken coated in parmesan cheese and marinara sauce. It’s basically heaven in your mouth and perfect for silencing those late night stomach grumbles.

This subway secret menu item has all the tastiness of traditional chicken parm, with the added pleasure of two slices of bread.

You’ll be smiling the cheesiest grin once you down this foot long sub.

2. The Feast Sub

This sub is not for the faint of hard or the tepid sandwich eater. This sub is a feast all on its own. The feast is for those of you with huge appetites. Maybe you just ran a marathon or binged watched Game of Thrones and now you’re really, really hungry.

The feast piles every meat Subway has to offer on top of each other. Ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, and pepperoni are stacked to compile a sandwich that’s roughly the size of a house cat.

Prepare your stomach before eating the beast of a sandwich that is the feast. You may want to fast for a few hours before attempting to eat this monstrosity.

If you try to scarf it down too quickly you may find yourself in need of a 24-hour pharmacy!

3. The Wing Effect

Order a traditional sub with “the wing effect” and your sandwich maker will leave your meat hanging over the edge of the sandwich instead of tucking it in.

Your meat of choice flaps over the edge of the sandwich like little wings. But don’t worry, your sub won’t fly away from you.

This is a great secret subway menu item for the OCD sandwich lover. You’re able to see exactly where the meat is positioned inside the sandwich. You can also try the meat before biting into the sub.

It may seem unclear why someone would want their lunch meat hanging off the side rather than neatly tucked in. It is a mystery, however, enough people order it to where it’s featured on the secret menu. And now that you know about it, you can order it too.

4. The Pizza Sub

This sub is just what it sounds like – it’s pizza in a subform.

Order this sub when you want the taste of pizza but the convenience of Subway. There are no waiting 45 minutes for delivery with this delicious sub.

You could order and eat five of these bad boys in the time it would take Pizza Hut to deliver you a pizza.

For this secret subway menu item, sandwich makers pile cheese, pepperoni, and marinara sauce on a sub and toast it.

The Italians may be horrified but in America, we’re saying, “Bellissimo!”

5. The “Old Cut” Is Another Secret Subway Menu!

It turns out that Subway used to cut their bread in a way that allowed their sandwiched to be filled with more delicious ingredients.

However, to save money, they’ve stopped using this ingenious cutting tactic.

The “old cut” was when Subway would carve a trench in their bread to allow more room for toppings. They would hollow out the top of your sub so when they stacked the sandwich the toppings would stay in place.

You can still order this cut at your local Subway. Just be prepared for some resistance or looks of confusion.

To Wrap (Or Sandwich) Things Up…

Subway is a classic American chain restaurant and this guide is here to stop their traditional menu from going stale.

It is also the largest sub chain restaurant in America, which means there’s one on nearly every corner. With the secret menu items, there’s no reason to get bored of going to Subway.

Keep in mind that not everything at Subway is healthy, but there are plenty of healthy items to choose from.

At Subway, there is a sub for every taste bud. Next time you’re hungry, stop in and try a secret subway menu item. Whether it’s the chicken parmesan, the feast, the wing effect, the pizza sub, or the old cut, you’re guaranteed leave satisfied.

And at RAREWOLFE, we’re all about telling you where you can find your favorite fixes, round the clock! Stay tuned for more secret menu posts.

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