Riccar Vacuum Reviews

Riccar vacuum reviews are consistently excellent, with users praising the makers of the machine for creating a product that works so well on so many different levels. Riccar vacuum ratings for models designed for both home and commercial are near perfect in every category. One of the most exceptional qualities of the product is its durability and history of outlasting most other vacuums.

Small and Compact Models. The small, Supralite models that only weigh 8 pounds are just as strong and effective as the larger models according to Riccar vacuum reviews. Baby boomers are reaching retirement age in large numbers, and are opting to move into smaller residences. They no longer need the 20+ pound, large vacuums designed to clean spacious homes filled with active children. Although smaller, the Riccar RSL3 and RSL4 versions are just as powerful as the larger, heavier models. The lighter vacuums also help older users maintain the ability to clean their homes longer, as the product is so much lighter and easier to lift and maneuver than the bigger versions of the vacuum.

Many Convenient Features. One of the features that stands out in Riccar vacuum reviews is the extra-long cord. At 30 to 35 feet, the non-retractable cord allows users, both in homes and commercial businesses, to easily vacuum very large rooms without moving the product’s plug. The vacuum’s 6 wheels make it easy to maneuver, the 2 cleaning speeds make it simple to adjust the product’s power based on carpet pile, and a special squeegee is perfect for cleaning hardwoods, tile and other types of flooring. The convenient on/off switch allows users to easily power up or down the machine and adjust the motor speed. The switch is even lighted, and the product includes headlights to help users see and clean more thoroughly.

Top-Notch Technology. The cutting-edge technology that is part of the Riccar line makes the product energy efficient, and that is another feature praised in many Riccar vacuum reviews. The high-efficiency particulate absorption (HEPA) filter allows the vacuum to trap dust and particles in the most efficient manner while maintaining the lowest possible emissions. The Riccar consistently ranks among the top 10 of all vacuums by Consumer Reports each year when the respected magazine evaluates vacuum products. The wide range of Riccar products, from commercial to compact, are designed for virtually every home or business imaginable, and the steel components are much more durable than plastic vacuum parts.

Favorite Features. The soft rubber wheels and the vacuum’s ability to turn off the strong rotator brush to prevent the machine from scratching elegant flooring are two favorite features among users. According to Riccar vacuum reviews, users are particularly fond of the lifetime guarantees on the machine’s belts. The indicator light alerts users when the bag or filter needs to be changed or if there is some other type of problem with the vacuum. Consumers consistently rank the Riccar products among the best vacuums available on the market today for both home and commercial use.

Whether using a larger, heavy commercial version, or an ultra-light, compact version, every Riccar packs a tremendous amount of power for thorough cleaning of any room. The Riccar vacuums are available through dealers who are easily accessible when it is time to purchase parts or a new machine.

Riccar Upright Vacuum Review

Riccar upright vacuum reviews show that a vast majority of users give the product high marks. Most of the Riccar upright vacuums weigh in the 20-pound range and feature a convenient on/off switch located right on the handle. The switch also allows the user to adjust the brush rotation bar for deep-pile carpets or hardwood floors and everything in between. Most users of the product give Riccar upright vacuum ratings between 4 and 5 out of 5.

Special Features. The 35-foot, a non-retractable cord is one of the features that rise to the top of the Riccar upright vacuum reviews. The extra-long cord allows users to vacuum very large rooms without having to unplug the machine and move the cord to another outlet. The vacuum’s full-bag indicator helps users keep the bag changed so that the machine operates at top capacity at all times. The special suction control feature allows users to adjust the flow of air through the hose and more effectively clean curtains and upholstery.

HEPA Filtration System. The machine’s high-efficiency particulate absorption (HEPA) filtration system is another feature that stands out among the Riccar upright vacuum reviews. An automatic indicator lets users know when the HEPA filter needs to be changed. The special filter prevents the vacuum from emitting fine particles of dust and dirt back into the home’s air and is excellent for use by families with allergy and asthma sufferers. Many families who reviewed the product stated that their children’s allergy and asthma conditions showed significant improvement once their carpets, floors, curtains, and upholstery were cleaned thoroughly with a Riccar upright vacuum.

Easy to Use, Extra Clean. In Riccar upright vacuum reviews, users with pets rave about the product’s ability to successfully remove animal hair from carpets, flooring, cracks, crevices, stairs, window treatments, and furniture. Air quality is significantly improved when a Riccar upright is used consistently in a home or office building. The adjustable suction is a particularly excellent feature, which enables users to adjust for carpet thickness and types of flooring surfaces. Families with young children who play sports and track dirt into the home reported that their carpets and floors have never been cleaner since using the Riccar upright.

The Riccar upright is an exceptionally well-made product with a limited lifetime warranty. Made in the U.S., the vacuum consists of metal components instead of plastic, which makes it more durable and longer lasting than many other vacuums on the market. The 2-speed motor is powerful, yet quiet, and the motor outlasts that of most competitors to power the machine for getting the most deeply embedded dirt.

Riccar Central Vacuum Review

Central vacuum systems offer tremendous convenience to homeowners, particularly those who live in multi-story houses. Vacuum systems also tend to increase a home’s overall resale value on the market and helps families with small children keep the floors extra clean. Riccar central vacuum reviews by customers indicate a high level of satisfaction with the product’s many features.

Impressive Performance. The Riccar central vacuum system has a top-notch filtration system that can significantly improve the indoor air quality in most homes. The vacuum is almost silent, making it easy and convenient to run the vacuum system while small children are napping, and the results are spectacular. The Riccar central vacuum system removes an amazing amount of dirt, dust, hair and other debris from carpets and floors.

Long Lasting. Riccar central vacuum reviews by long-time customers indicate that the high-level performance of the Riccar brand upright and canister vacuum cleaners has successfully been transferred to the central vacuum product. From the HEPA filter that helps reduce allergens, to the high powered suction that removes virtually all dirt, the Riccar central vacuum system functions at optimum levels for many years, and even includes a limited lifetime warranty.

High Ratings. Riccar central vacuum ratings from dealers rank the product with 5 out of 5 stars, or a perfect score from consumers who were surveyed. The 2-stage motor allows users to switch quickly and easily between vacuuming floors and carpets. The central vacuum features a steel body which is highly durable, and all parts last for many years, unlike the plastic vacuum systems that weaken and crack over time.

Excellent Features. The vacuum’s double insulation ensures that noise is kept to a minimum and Riccar central vacuum reviews by satisfied customers praise the product’s long-lasting motor. The soft start feature eliminates power surges, and the vacuum bags are extremely easy to change. The 7-gallon bag includes a performance indicator which lets users know when it is time to change the bag, filter or perform other service or maintenance on the system.

Families with allergy or asthma sufferers can find some relief when using the Riccar central vacuum system regularly because the product has the best HEPA filtration system on the market today. The disposable bag is 7 layers thick for maximum containment of dirt, dust and other debris. In addition, the vacuum’s pleated motor filter eliminates undesirable carbon dust from being emitted while the vacuum is in use.

Riccar Canister Vacuum Review

Many Riccar canister vacuum reviews indicate that customers find the product to be excellent at removing pet hair and embedded dirt from carpets. The vacuum includes innovative tools that work on various types of floors such as ceramic tile, marble, and hardwood. The variable suction options on the vacuum enable it to work successfully on different types of carpets and flooring, and the vacuum’s motor is exceptionally quiet.

Excellent Features. From the largest Immaculate canister vacuum to the small Sunburst compact, Riccar makes products that include handy extra features like a thick dusting brush for curtains and furniture, and a small crevice tool for cleaning tight corners. The manufacturer offers a limited five-year warranty on all Riccar canister vacuums, and Amazon, Good Housekeeping and other sellers of the product give Riccar canister vacuum ratings of 4.5 to 5 out of a possible 5. Riccar canister vacuum reviews from a majority of users are positive in most areas, and many users purchase multiple vacuums to store on various floors of their homes.

Adjustable Options. The premier canister vacuum is the 27-pound Riccar Immaculate, which includes automatic suction control designed to reduce the flow of air when cleaning lighter surfaces or objects. The large canister vacuum features a 27-foot retractable cord, along with a manual pile-height adjustment, which lets users adjust the machine according to the thickness of the carpet. The Riccar canister vacuum reviews praise the product’s sealed HEPA filtration system, which reduces emissions and traps fine particles in order to help users who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Versatility. Flooring options have increased over the last decade, and homeowners enjoy a wide variety of flooring within each home. From plush, thick pile carpeting in one room, to slick marble in another, Riccar canister vacuum users can move with ease from room to room, adjusting the vacuum for the appropriate floor covering with ease. The power switch, conveniently located on the vacuum’s handle, can adjust the brush for textured rugs, polished hardwood floor, and everything in between.

Consumers who used the product indicate in Riccar canister vacuum reviews that the full-bag indicator on each canister machine is particularly useful. Letting the user know when it is time to change the bag helps vacuum owners keep their machines running at optimum levels. The American-made Riccar canister vacuums are built with groundbreaking technology and superior motors that last longer than those of most competitors.

Riccar 8 Pound Vacuum Review

A top-of-the-line vacuum that needs little advertising, the Riccar 8 pound vacuum reviews prove that the product is satisfying customers all over the world. At less than 8 pounds, the vacuum is easy to lift and virtually effortless to carry, yet still provides the high power necessary to clean the dirtiest of carpets.

Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The Riccar 8 pound vacuum ratings include a seal of approval and a rating of 4.2 out of 5 from the well-respected Good Housekeeping magazine. The experts at Good Housekeeping offer Riccar 8 pound vacuum reviews that rave about the product’s thorough removal of dirt and pet hair embedded in carpets of all types. The simple-to-replace vacuum bag and easy maneuverability make the product convenient as well as powerful. According to Good Housekeeping reviews, the Riccar Supralite 8 pound vacuum was the only one tested that achieved perfect carpet cleaning scores. Backed by a 3-year warranty, the vacuum was also found to be highly energy efficient.

Riccar Scores High Marks with Housecleaning Central. Housecleaning Central, the popular website that offers cleaning tips, gave a positive report in its Riccar 8 pound vacuum reviews. During testing conducted by Housecleaning Central, the product beat its competitors’ cleaning power by 40%. Testers also praised the Riccar’s lightweight, extra-long cord, ergonomic looped handle, and attractive sapphire blue color. Riccar’s are sold only by authorized dealers, and parts are very easy to obtain from any dealer. The vacuums are not mass-produced, which contributes to their superior quality, and the 8-pound versions are excellent for people who cannot do the heavy lifting. The Supralite Riccars are easy enough for children to handle.

Popular Features. Along with its extreme light weight, Riccar 8 pound vacuum reviews also highlighted other popular features of the product, such as the HEPA filtration system, the 2-speed motor and the convenient location of the power switch. The high-efficiency particulate absorption filter, better known as HEPA, captures maximum dust and allergens and creates a much healthier environment in a home or office. The Riccar also has a 2-speed motor, making it perfectly safe to use on elegant wood or tile floors as well as plush carpeting. The power switch that adjusts the motor speed and turns the machine off and on is conveniently located on the vacuum’s handle.

The RSL5-SAND version is ideal for homeowners who live near the beach or dessert. The Riccar Sand Trap completely removes all sand from flooring and carpeted surfaces, trapping it for convenient disposal. The Riccar SupraLite Commercial version is perfect for offices where high volumes of daily foot traffic cause extra dirt to be deposited on carpets. Riccar owners rave about the vacuum’s ability to rejuvenate their older, worn carpets.

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