Naltrexone Weight Loss – Is This Possible?

Although Naltrexone is most commonly used to assist patients with their alcohol or opioid dependencies, there may be some times that this medication is prescribed for other conditions that may not have been approved by the FDA as yet. This process is known as using it for off label reasons. As a result, Naltrexone for weight loss has become fairly popular over the past few years. Below are just a few ways in which Naltrexone can be effective for weight loss purposes.

It May be Able to Reduce Insulin Resistance

In some patients, Naltrexone weight loss can occur because of the fact that it is able to reduce a patient’s level of insulin resistance. As a result, helps improve insulin sensitivity. However, this may not always work for everyone.

It Could Reduce or Control Appetite

Owing to the fact that Naltrexone helps to regulate insulin levels in the body, this in turn helps improve the level of growth hormones as well. This then results in a significant improvement in lean muscle mass and a far better level of resting energy expenditure. In other words, it can help a patient burn more fat or calories. This is doen because it helps match the body’s appetite to its overall resting energy expenditure.

It Works as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Another way in which Naltrexone weight loss can work is that it has the potential to reduce the level of inflammation in the body. This helps to balance the body’s immune system overall, enabling it to function a lot more effectively.

Improve Sleeping Patterns and Overall Quality of Sleep

Naltrexone is sometimes able to improve the quality and depth of sleep as well. When a patient is able to get better quality sleep, it enables them to enjoy far more regulated blood sugar levels. This in turn helps prevent them from binge eating or craving unhealthy starches and carbohydrates.

It can Improve Thyroid Function

Yet another way that Naltrexone weight loss works is that it has the ability to improve the thyroid’s T4 to T3 conversion. Research has shown that it could also play a part in increasing a patient’s total T3 reading. When the thyroid is functioning as it should, it makes it far easier for a patient to lose excess weight.

Using Naltrexone for Weight Loss

When embarking on a Naltrexone weight loss program of any type, it’s essential that patients follow their doctor or health care provider’s instructions, especially where dosages are concerned. Patients who increase their dosage of this medication run the risk of causing severe kidney or liver damage, which is not reversible once it has been diagnosed.

Patients should also ensure that they refrain completely from consuming any form of alcohol or opioid drugs while using Naltrexone. Failure to do so could result in them over dosing on these substances because they are no longer experiencing the high feeling that they have become accustomed to when using them. In cases where a patient has started consuming alcohol or using opioid drugs again, they must ensure  that they inform their doctor or health care provider immediately.

Healthy Diet and Exercise also Essential

It is important for patients to remember that although Naltrexone weight loss strategies can be highly successful, they will need to alter their diets and lifestyles accordingly if they would like to keep the excess weight off. In most cases, doctors recommend that patients exercise a minimum of 3 times a week for between 30 and 45 minutes at a time. This will help ensure that they stay as fit and healthy as possible. Patients who have medical conditions of any sort should always speak to their health care provider before engaging in any form of strenuous exercise programs or activities.

Patients who have used naltrexone for weight loss purposes have reported a tremendous amount of success over the years. In cases where a patient is not able to afford the full cost of their Naltrexone prescription, they may sometimes be able to obtain a discount by means of a coupon or pharmacy discount card. All they will need to do is chat with their doctor or pharmacist and find out what their options are in this regard.

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