Determining what Your Naltrexone Cost Will Be

Naltrexone is primarily used to treat patients who are suffering from alcohol or opioid addictions. While this medication can be highly effective when used according to a doctor or health care provider’s instructions, the cost of using it can add up over time – especially owing to the fact that the cost can average out to around $2 per dose. The Naltrexone cost that a patient will need to cover will depend on various factors which will be discussed below.


A patient’s Naltrexone cost will be affected largely by the dosage that has been prescribed to them and how often they will be required to take the medication. In cases where larger amounts of tablets are purchased, the average cost per pill will usually decrease as well. For example, when 15 pills are purchased, the cost averages out at around $2.50 per pill, whereas if 100 pills are purchased at the same time, the cost can sometimes be lowered to about $2 per dose.

Lowering the Naltrexone Cost

Patients will not be able to purchase more Naltrexone pills than what has been prescribed to them, even if it will help them save as much money as possible. However, it may be possible for them to speak with their doctor or health care provider about the possibility of obtaining a prescription that will be valid for a longer period of time – a few months, for instance. This will enable them to purchase more pills and thus lower the cost of each one by as much as 25%.

Obtaining Prescription Discounts to Lower the Naltrexone Cost

One of the best and most effective ways to lower a patient’s Naltrexone cost is to make use of discount cards or pharmacy coupons. In some cases, there may be a program available through a doctor or other health care provider that can enable a patient to reduce the cost of this medication as well – in most cases; all they need to do is ask.

When obtaining a discount card to lower the average Naltrexone cost, these can normally be used at most pharmacies such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Kmart, Kroger, Walmart and a large number of others not mentioned here. There have been cases where obtaining a discount coupon has enabled a patient to save as much as 90% off the original price of this medication.

Using Discount Cards or Coupons

Before attempting to use a discount card or coupon to help lower the Naltrexone cost, it is essential for the patient to find out ahead of time whether the coupon or discount card will be valid at the pharmacy that usually fills out their prescription. This will help prevent any inconvenience, and all patients will normally need to do is call their chosen pharmacy and ask. Most locations will be more than willing to do everything possible to help ensure that a patient is able to get their much-needed prescription medication at prices that are as affordable as possible.

Putting Savings to Good Use

In many cases, patients who are looking to lower their Naltrexone cost will be people who simply cannot afford to pay full price to have their prescriptions filled out – it can often mean that they will have to forego purchasing groceries or other items that are deemed to be essentials. Many patients who have been able to lower their naltrexone cost have noted that the savings they have enjoyed have enabled them to keep their budgets running as smoothly as possible.

Always Follow Dosage Instructions

When using Naltrexone, it is crucial that patients follow their doctor’s orders precisely with regards to the dosage that has been prescribed. It is also recommended that patients take this medication at the same time each day, as this enables the levels of it to remain as constant as possible in their systems. Patients should never increase their dosage of this medication without discussing it with a health care provider.

These days, it has become easier than ever for patients to lower their Naltrexone cost by simply shopping around or obtaining the correct discount coupon. The amount of money patients can save may sometimes vary from one pharmacy to another.

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