Lowes Carpet Installation Cost & Carpet Pricing

If you’re thinking about getting new carpets installed in your home, you need to think about the prices that different companies offer. It’s certainly worth checking out Lowes. The Lowe’s retail store has been providing a fantastic level of service to customers for over sixty years. The company provides a range of different beautifully made carpets for homeowners and offer installations as well.

The business is well known for offering excellent, high-quality products at great value to their customers and they aim to ensure that every homeowner can get the flooring they need to make their property look fantastic. New carpeting is available from the company that is designed to be both durable and low maintenance. You can even get a carpet that is hypoallergenic, perfect for families with allergies. But do their prices match your needs? Well, you’ll find that at Lowes there are various factors that can impact the price.

What Type Of Carpet Do You want?

Lowes specialize in offering top brands to consumers such as STAINMASTER. This premium quality brand will come with a higher price tag than similar flooring options however it might suit your needs. STAINMASTER flooring that lowes offer is ideal if you want to make sure that you have a carpet to match the personal needs of your family.

For instance, you can purchase flooring designed for pets, people with allergies or even active families. These carpets come with brilliant extras such as stain protection. STAINMASTER is available from lowes in a wide variety of styles including shag carpet and more traditional possibilities. Once again, this will determine the price that you will need to pay.

However, choosing a STAINMASTER carpet from Lowe’s will provide two important advantages to consider when comparing prices. First, STAINMASTER offers a lifetime warranty which means if your carpet is damaged from anything from food to pet stains, you can quickly get it replaced or repaired.

Furthermore, Lowe’s does provide free installation for your entire home when you purchase a STAINMASTER carpet. This includes everything including the removal of the old carpet and the disposal as well as difficult installation areas such as the stairs.

Prices On Types Of Carpet Available From Lowes

Be aware that when you purchase carpet from Lowe’s, the prices are provided in square foot whereas some other stores like Home Depot, will provide you prices for the whole roll of 800 square feet. You will also notice that other companies may provide prices in measurements for yards which can make the cost more difficult to compare.

Do be aware that various factors will impact the price that you need to pay for your carpet. We’ve already mentioned the brand, but even color and the thickness can change the price you are expected to pay. Lowes specifically will not provide prices on the carpet on their website until you enter your Zip Code. As such, you may find that the prices you pay will fluctuate depending on where you live. The prices we have provided below are for a zipcode in Los Angeles and may be slightly more expensive than what you’ll pay if you buy carpet from Lowes.

For typical carpets including STAINMASTER products from Lowes, you can expect to pay between one and two dollars per square feet of carpet. The cheapest carpet Lowes provide is just 0.84 dollars per square foot. If you are looking for a premium carpet that offers something like PetProtect, expect to pay at little more at between two or three dollars per square foot. Prices for premium carpets can range as high as five dollars per foot, particularly when you are searching for the absolute best quality carpet for your home.

Carpet Installation Cost From Lowes

Are you getting your carpet installed by Lowes? The price here will often depend on how much carpet you need, how many rooms need an installation for and the level of labor it will require. The measurement may cost money and will depend on the contractor Lowes use. Typical cost for this is around thirty dollars. Often, this can be refunded if you do choose to proceed with an order.

Lowe’s will not provide a fixed price for your carpet installation before an independent installer has come to your home to complete measurements. This will occur after you book an appointment online. Once the measurements are complete, you will receive a quote for your installation or your full replacement.

Lowes will not provide a cost for your installation before this as they want to make sure that the measurements are accurate. This could ultimately save you money. If you complete the measurements yourself and they are found to be invalid, then there could be an extra charge on top of the quoted cost. Lowes system ensures that this does not happen.

Lowes will provide you with sample carpet for you to choose, consider and compare for your home. These can be obtained for one dollar each and are available with free shipping. You can choose which samples you would like sent to your home on the Lowes website.

Lowes do regularly offer deals on installations which makes them more attractive than other competitors. As mentioned, it is possible to get free installation on certain types of carpet that Lowes provide. However, you will need to check the terms and conditions carefully. Typically, it will include the purchase of a carpet and padding.

On occasion, Lowes may quote a price for a fall carpet installation for any home. Depending on the conditions of the offer, you will find that this deal includes everything including the removal of the old flooring and the time it takes for the installation to be complete.

When considering prices for installations, it’s worth noting that Lowes will set up a contractor for you. They will look for an independent contractor in your area who they trust to handle the installation. If there is an issue with the service that this contractor provides, Lowes will make sure it is rectified, typically free of charge.

Be aware that because Lowes use independent contractors, the price of installation can change based on the company providing the installation. This means that details such as stairs and the shape of rooms can have an impact on the cost that you will need to pay.

Lowes Carpet Financing Possibilities

Not everyone can afford to pay for carpeting directly, and Lowes accommodate for this with their financing possibilities. Lowes provide great deals on financing including ten percent off the initial cost of the carpet and the installation. Alternatively, you can gain access to 24 months of special financing whether you decide to purchase your carpet instore or online. You can even get zero levels of interest deals if the full amount for the carpet and installation costs are paid within twelve, eighteen or twenty-four month. This deal is available on carpet costs ranging between $299 and $998. Without deals like this, the minimum interest charge from Lowes on carpet financing is $2.

We hope this helps you determine whether purchasing carpet from Lowes and arranging for an installation is the right choice for you. Compared to other companies on the market, Lowes do offer a fantastic value for money on carpeting and their limited time deals on installations make them a great choice. Particularly, if you are carpeting an entire home. You can also check out some of the fantastic deals on high quality, deluxe carpet brands that provide more durability and less maintenance in your home.