Licensed Fence Contractors Near Me That Offer Free Estimates

Whether you’re in the residential or commercial market, you need to know that when you fit a fence that you’re paying for quality work that can provide the security, privacy, and quality that you need. To that end, you should always look to only the most qualified contractors. Here, we’re going to look at a variety of fencing providers in a wide range of areas to help you get the right fit.


Based in Sterling, VA, but serving the whole Washington area, Castro Fence Inc. provides a good example of what, exactly, you should hope to find when you look for a fencing contractor. Beyond their fifteen years of experience in providing cost-effective, customer-focused services for many clients, they offer proof of the services that they offer. When hiring a fencing contractor, some proof of their past work is essential to get an idea of what kind of results they can help you achieve. To that end, Castro provides plenty of photos of past work.


The Columbus-based, but much wider serving Ohio Roofing and Construction gives another example of the kind of proof you should be looking for from any contractor. Beyond having their license on display on their website, they’ve also won numerous awards and accreditations, including rewards from the highly-regarded Angie’s List. Unlike many other contracting companies, they also limit their services to a few specific focuses, including roofing and fencing. When looking at your options, checking out awards they’ve won and specific niche focus in the task you want done is an easy way to end up with a reliable service. As the saying goes, you can sometimes end up with a “jack of all trades, master of none”. Some of the crews out there that purport to offer fencing installation alongside a whole slew of other services might not be as fit to take care of you as a team that lists fencing expertise amongst a shorter list of services.


Based in Tacoma but providing their services to Seattle, Evergreen Construction & Landscaping is a team that’s been around since 1996. That means over two-decades of experience as a company, a sign that their services are affordable and reliable enough to keep them in business with a supply of satisfied customers for much longer than most businesses. Their site offers a great overview of the different services they offer, from fence installation to renovations and maintenance. What’s more, they provide a gallery showing a wide portfolio of work including several wooden and metal fences, showing a versatility that’s worth looking into. After all, your plans may change from what you want, or there might be more effective options for you that a more versatile fencing contractor can help you fit. Sometimes, it might be a change in material that can offer more security or privacy. Other times, you might be able to save money by choosing a different material for your fence.


Elite Fencing in Denver shows of the best examples of what you want to find from a contractor’s website. Their site provides contact details right up front, but also gives an excellent overview of their services and different ways to access them. Customers can request an installation that fits their specific needs thanks to an online form that allows them to leave their details, information on the job you want them to do, and a preferred date. That way, you can immediately find out their availability, meaning you don’t waste time on the phone talking about a job if they can’t fit you in when you want. At the same time, the readily available contact information serves better for calling them up and talking more about your needs and getting your free estimate before the work begins.

San Diego

If it’s reliability you’re looking for in San Diego, then the 35 years in business boasted by Construction Fence might be enough to win you over, already. However, their reviews state far more than that, showing testimonials from customers have used their services on repeat every time they need not only an installation, but any remodeling, repairs, and maintenance work needed on their fencing. As they are a fixture of the home, fences need a little care and attention from time to time. If you don’t have the time or expertise to do them yourself, finding a team that you can trust to form a long-term partnership with is crucial. Businesses that focus on long-term relationships with their clients are much more likely to afford not only competitive pricing but a deeper level of customer service. Other companies might be willing to charge high prices on one job and simply never have to deal with you again.


Getting an estimate up front is always recommended when hiring contractors for any reason. Not only does it give you an opportunity to get an idea of how much you can expect the work to cost. It also gives you a look at the honesty and trustworthiness of the contractor. The more transparent their estimates and they abler they are to explain different costs, the more you can trust them. However, waiting between the estimate and the actual beginning of work can often delay your plans. That’s why teams like A Fences Unlimited LLC in Indianapolis are always worth checking. This team offers same-day estimates, meaning that if you’re pleased by what you see from your estimate, you can begin to start the work right away.

In both adding the right finishing touches to a garden or providing security to your business, you always look at whether your fencing contractor is licensed, first and foremost. Hopefully, the examples above give you an idea of what’s best to look for. If you don’t see any examples here in your area or fit to your needs, it’s always worth checking out They provide plenty of listings for individual areas with pictures and reviews to go alongside the different contractors’ pitches. This helps to inform you so you can make the best decision rather than the first one that pops up.

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