Is it Possible to Get a Water Softener for Shower Heads?

Many people live in areas where the water supply is classified as being hard, which basically means that it contains high concentrations of magnesium and calcium. This makes it difficult to get soap products to lather, and in more extreme cases, it results in unsightly stains being left on bathroom fixtures such as tubs, sinks and showers. As a result, many people want to remedy the situation by purchasing a water softener for shower heads or even faucets.

Water Softener for Shower Heads vs. In-Line Softener Products
When shopping for the best water softener for shower heads, it is important to do some research beforehand, as there are different types of softener devices available. In-line water softener products and the standalone shower heads with built in softener products are usually the most affordable options for property owners who struggle with the side effects of hard water such as dry hair, stained showers and tubs and itchy skin. These products start from as little as $10 to purchase and they are also extremely easy to fit – so much so that they will not even require the services of a plumber.

In many cases, all of the available water softener for shower head products, in-line softeners and even the more expensive replaceable cartridge type softener systems will all perform the same job. However, some products may be able to filter more water than others, but these options will usually also be more expensive to purchase. On average though, the water softener for shower head products and most others are rated at being able to filter up to 10,000 gallons of water before they will need to be replaced. Depending on how much water you and your family use, this product can last anywhere from 2 months to as much as a year in cases where families are small.

Making Water More Pleasant
When using water softener for shower heads, the in-line systems or even the complete filter cartridge systems, they will not only reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water; they will also help remove up to 99.9% of the chlorine content, which will not only make the water a lot more pleasant to shower in; it will also make it far more pleasant-tasting (in cases where these systems are hooked up to kitchen faucets). This will usually encourage people to drink more water as well, which will benefit their health substantially over the long term. Some of the units can be quite fragile, to it is important to perform the installation of them carefully.

In cases where you may not be comfortable installing a water softener for shower heads or on your home’s plumbing system, it is possible to hire the services of a plumber. He or she will ensure that the installation is performed quickly and according to current industry and safety standards. It is important to remember though, that a standard call out fee will normally be charged to perform this service.