Home Depot Carpet Installation Cost & Carpet Pricing

If you are looking into getting your carpets done or redone, you might be looking at getting Home Depot to provide this service for you. If this is the case, you are now probably looking into how much all of this is going to cost you, and this will all depend on what type of carpet you choose. Many people forget that when they are given a quote, this quote covers the installation fee only if you have not yet picked out your carpet. There are various parts included in the process of having carpets replaced or installed that will cost different amounts. Let’s look at what these are and how much they are likely to cost you.

Home Depot Carpet Samples

You can go down to a Home Depot store and browse through samples for your new carpet. Or, if you would prefer, you can own your own samples so that you can take them home with you. If you want to do this, most of the samples are going to cost you $1 each. These can either be shipped directly to your home or if you would prefer you can have them sent to a store where you can pick them up. This is going to be a good option for you if you want to see what the carpet samples look like inside your home before you make an overall decision.

The benefit of being able to take these samples home with you is that you can match them with what you already have. For example, you might see something in a picture that looks like it goes well with the overall style of your house. But, when the installer comes to fit the carpets, you find that it doesn’t look how you thought it did and now you’re stuck with this carpet. This won’t happen if you have already had the chance to feel and see the carpets before. At only $1 per sample, this feels like a steal. Don’t forget though, there is a limit of three samples per order.

Home Depot Carpet

The price that you pay for your carpet is going to depend on what type of carpet you want. There are so many different styles and feels to choose from, and they all come at varying prices. Home Depot offers a wide variety of carpets for you to choose from with the most expensive standing at $1822.50 per roll. One roll will cover 900 square foot. Now, remember that we said this is the most expensive, so keep your heart attacks at bay for a second because they do have lots of more affordable options available.

Finding the right carpet is going to be crucial. You don’t want to end up with a carpet that you don’t love. So, make sure that when you choose your carpet, it is the one that you definitely want. If for any reason you want to change your mind after you have picked your carpet, you can until it has been ordered into the store. Home Depot does not tend to have the carpet’s ready and on hand, so they have to order them in as and when a client decides what they want. You have until the carpet has been ordered to change your mind. If you are unsure, do not make any final decisions as this will just be a waste of money for you.

Before you go and look at carpets, you should have some sort of price range in mind so that you don’t spend massive amounts on a carpet if you can’t afford to. If you go with this number in mind, you might find it easier to find a carpet that is going to match what you want. You should also have a second number in mind, and this is the number that you can go to if you find the must-have carpet. Always try to stick within these two numbers though. You know best what you can afford, and Home Depot has a wide variety of carpets and prices. It seems unlikely that you won’t find one that suits your style and financial requirements.

Do not forget that you will be paying for the carpet separately from the installation. Keep this in mind when you are thinking up your budget on what you can afford to spend on the carpet.

Home Depot Carpet Installation

Home Depot cannot give you a quote on how much it will cost to install your carpet until it has been measured. The reason they insist on sending someone to you for this task is so that they know it has been measured accurately. You don’t want to be paying a large sum of money only to find out that there is too much carpet that now is useless to you. However, Home Depot does also offer a deal right now where your carpet installation is free if your order is above $699. This offer applies to carpet that is priced from $1 per square meter or above.

The installation shouldn’t take too long unless you are having your whole home recarpeted. Many satisfied clients have been impressed with the speed of the installation as well as the fact that this did not impact the quality of the job. Most of the reviews of Home Depot’s installation service say that the price is fair for the quality of the job that they provide.

Home Depot Carpet Financing

Home Depot offers a wide variety of financing options if you can’t afford to pay the entire cost of your carpet right away. Home Depot know that not everyone has the money to pay upfront and in one go, which is why there is sure to be a financing option to suit anyone. Two of these are the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card and the Home Depot Project Loan. The credit card offers you a different amount of financing depending on how much your total cost is going to be. For example, you will be allowed 24 months of financing on purchases that are over $4000. This way, you will be able to get the carpet you love without your finances having to take a huge dive.

If you have a big project to complete, you can take out the Home Depot Project Loan. There are credit lines of up to $55K with a 6-month buying window in which you can purchase the products that you need. You have 84 months to pay off this loan, and there are no annual fees attached. However, there is a 7.99% fixed APR attached to this loan, so this is something to consider if you are thinking of taking out a project loan with Home Depot. Make sure you take this into consideration when you are working out what your monthly payments will be. You do not want to get caught out thinking that you need to pay a certain amount and forgetting about the interest that has been added on.

Using this advice, you can decide whether Home Depot is the right choice for your carpeting needs. Home Depot provides a fantastic value for money, particularly when taking into account the high-quality products and brands that they offer including stain-resistant carpets. Home Depot is typically able to match the prices of companies like Lowes, and their model of providing prices for full rolls of carpet helps you know exactly how much you will need to pay. The installations home depot provides can also save you time and make sure that your carpet is fitted by a trained expert.