Empire Carpet: Reviews, Prices, and Locations

Are you looking for fresh flooring, perfect for your home or business? You may want to consider using Empire Carpet. One of the most popular flooring providers in the USA, Empire Carpet, also known as Empire Today, has been on the market for years. The company has worked with over two million customers and one hundred thousand business owners. They have built their business on a solid reputation of providing convenient home improvement choices that reach the high level of quality that customers expect. Priced to value, they hope to build relationships with customers that will last forever.

Empire Carpet offers an award-winning service throughout the process of purchasing and completing an order. They will support you before, during and after the installation ensuring that you have everything that you need from your carpet or floor project.

Empire Carpet provides a range of choices for their customers on different types and styles of carpet products.

It’s important to be aware that Empire Carpet is not just offering a service where you can just arrange an installation. They provide a solution where they help you find the right flooring for your needs, whether you are a private homeowner or the owner of a business. That’s worth bearing in mind, particularly when we explore their pricing possibilities.

So, what are reviews like for this carpet company?

Empire Carpet Reviews

Empire Carpet provides a fantastic level of service to their customers that is certainly evident through the reviews of the company. The business focuses on three areas of customer service including convenience and speed, value & selection and, quality. These three goals ensure that customers get everything they want from their order.

The business also provides a highly personalized solution, designed to be the perfect fit for your business or home. Since its conception in 1959, Empire Carpets has worked hard to make sure that they are offering the best deal to their customers and this is certainly one of the reasons why they are so popular.

Many customers of Empire Carpet note how the price of service beats most other companies. Why is this? Well, unlike other flooring businesses, Empire Carpet includes everything in their quote including the cost of the installation. This is different to other businesses who will often add on costs to the bill after the job is complete. According to reviews, at Empire Carpet, you can get a fantastic deal on flooring for every room in your home. So, if you are looking for a company that can handle a complete remodel of your property, this could be the best business for you.

Customers also appreciate the level of professionalism and personal care that the company brings to each project they take on. A unique selling point of the business is that they will bring samples directly to your home to determine whether a certain color or shade matches your property. This is far better than seeing a shade online and hoping it’s the same in person. Their staff is well known to be both friendly and considerate, offering expert advice on different types of flooring and on selecting a color or shade for a room.

You might be worried about the level of contact that you’ll have with the company. Some businesses are renowned for not keeping the customer or client up to date at all. Instead, whether or not an installer arrives can be a complete surprise. This isn’t the case with Empire Carpet. They provide you with a notification of when an installer or rep will arrive at your property. If there is going to be a delay, customers are notified of this as well. Often an installation can be arranged for the next day which is a great level of a turnaround for any company.

Customers are pleased with the quality the company can provide as well. Empire Carpet does offer a range of flooring choices and different styles of carpet. For instance, you can purchase thicker carpet from the company to replace older carpet that has been downtrodden. Reviews say the thicker carpet that Empire Carpet provide does match up to these expectations and is available at a cost-friendly price from the company.

Sometimes a carpet installation can be highly intrusive and completely disrupt your home. Installers can be loud, impatient and won’t hesitate to move items around without your knowledge or permission. Customers are pleased to find that the Empire Carpet staff are highly considerate and will take all your needs into consideration. You don’t have to worry about them making a mess of your property and leaving it for you to clean up. According to customers, they can be in an out quicker than you’d imagine and will make sure that your home looks picture perfect when they are finished.

Finally, a lot of customers choose Empire Carpet after seeing an advertisement on TV or online. These ads do typically mention general levels of pricing and the promising of being cheaper than other flooring companies on the market. While this can be just words with some businesses, with Empire Carpet customers are pleased to find that they are true to their word. Deals on prices are upheld, and the price on the adverts match what they are expected to pay.

Empire Carpet Prices

Empire Carpet state they will not post prices on their website. This is due to the fact that the price they charge will often depend on your home, your needs and your requirements. As such, they don’t want to offer you a price and then need to rescind that offer because your home required more hours of labor.

However, they do provide a lower price guarantee. This guarantee ensures that if you find a lower price from a competitor within 30 days of placing your order, Empire Today will match or even beat that offer. There are some terms and conditions of this deal to be aware of. You will need to make sure that you provide a written estimate with the letterhead of a licensed competitor. This must include various details including the price, style type, product, weight, and thickness. This ensures that the competitor is providing the same quality of product that Empire Carpet offer. This is certainly not always a guarantee. Be aware this price match offer does not apply to deals such as clearance prices from certain companies.

Empire Carpet also offers other great deals on their prices. For instance, you can sign up for their email marketing, and they will provide you with $250 offer an order. That will certainly put a dent in your project cost, particularly, if you are planning on completing flooring for more than one room in your home.

If you are struggling to fit the cost of your flooring into your renovation budget, you can consider Empire Carpet financing options. These suit a wide range of different credit choices.

Empire Carpet Locations

Empire Carpet has over seventy locations around the country including in seven outlets in California, five in Florida including Miami, five in Ohio and four in Texas. Indeed, the company is proud to service various metropolitan areas and most regions. This is true regardless of what style or type of carpet you are looking for. Empire Carpet started out in Chicago but thanks to a friendly, high-quality level of service they have expanded massively since then. Do make sure you check to find where the closest branch is to you.

We hope this helps you decide whether Empire Carpet can offer the right deal for your flooring needs.