Does Walgreens Make Copies?

Does Walgreens make copies?” is a question that numerous people have asked over the years. These days, a large number of stationery and office stores are known for offering photocopying services to the public. As a result, many other types of stores have decided to offer this service to the public as well, with most of them charging relatively affordable rates to do so. There are some selected branches of Walgreens that offer this service to their customers.

Copy Rates and Fees May Vary

After asking, “Does Walgreens make copies?” and finding out that your local store offers this service, it is essential to remember that there will be fees applicable to this service. In most cases, you will be required to pay a specified amount per copy that you make. This will be used to cover the cost of the paper and the general use of the copy machine, but in most cases, this fee is extremely affordable – usually a few cents per copy. This makes Walgreens an ideal location for students who require copies of information, but who cannot afford to pay the higher prices that most printing stores charge when providing this essential service.

Always Call Ahead

If you have discovered that the answer to, “Does Walgreens make copies?” is yes, it is still strongly recommended that you call your local store ahead of time to confirm whether they offer this service or not – not all of them do. This will prevent you from making an unnecessary trip to your local store, only to find out that they don’t offer the service or that their copy machine is out of order for some reason.

Using your Own Paper

In some cases, you may have a need to use paper that is thicker than the paper usually used in most copy machines. For example, you may need to copy an invitation or card, or you may have another project that requires the use of thicker paper. If this is the case, you may have to speak with an employee at your local Walgreens store and find out whether they will allow you to supply your own paper for the copy project or not. Some stores may allow you to do this, and others not. Again, it is recommended that you inquire ahead of time if you have special requirements for your copies. Some copy machines may not be able to handle paper or card stock that is too thick either.

In cases where you may need to have a large number of copies made at once, you may also need to let your local Walgreens store know ahead of time. This will enable the store to allocate someone to assist you, especially if you need to supply different paper or if you may not be familiar with how to use a copy machine. These days, most in-store copy machines are able to produce copies that are of great quality at a fraction of the price of older units.